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Newly formed movement hopes for regime change in Ethiopia

ESAT News (October 31, 2016)enm2The Ethiopian National Movement, a newly formed political coalition aimed to bring about regime change in Ethiopia, said in its a statement that it envisions an Ethiopia where the rights of all citizens is respected and a federal system that respects all nationalities.

The four political parties, the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy (PG7), the Afar People’s Party and the Sidama People’s Democratic Movement signed a document forming the movement at a public meeting held in Silver Spring, Maryland on Sunday.

The new Movement called on other Ethiopian political parties to come on board in a bid to create a bigger democratic movement that will play a constructive role in the transition process and beyond.

The statement by the Movement also underscored that member parties employ different forms of struggle by their own but they have agreed that the Movement does not engage in armed struggle.

The parties forming the Movement also vowed to do away with the tyrannical TPLF regime and establish a truly federal democratic system.


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