FRUD call to prevent sale of Djibouti territory at auction

FRUD call to prevent sale of Djibouti territory at auction

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FRUD call to prevent sale of Djibouti territory at auction


The clannish regime of Djibouti, now reduced to one family, no content to maintain 85% of the population in absolute poverty, is now selling, selling off whole swathes of the national territories starting from areas inhabited by Afar. After the sale of the Moucha island in 2013 to wealthy Ethiopian business man, Ismael Omar Guelleh and his relatives are now selling land of Lake Assal (which abounds in raw materials) and Lake Abbe to the Chinese and Khor Angar and surrounding areas to Saudi Arabia.

This regime which enjoys tremendous advantages, rejected by the whole population and confused by the ongoing changes in the Horn of Africa and notably in Ethiopia is trying to avoid the dangers it is facing by maintaining the economic and sanitary embargo imposed on the North and South West regions of the country by blocking all development projects in these regions.

The Obock district is once more under strict restrictions: food is being rationed in the country side. A family cannot take more than half a bag of Dourah which is the staple food of the inhabitants.  On the 10th of May the staple food transported by 22 dromedaries from Rahaita (Eritrea) was seized and destroyed by special forces of the army who came from the capital to Bissidiro (to the north of Obock). Without forgetting the layoff of 250 women in early May.

Tadjourah district suffers from hiring discrimination that sounds like a provocation. Several youth demonstrations were repressed, on May 14, 80 of them were arrested, and several were wounded, 8 still remain incarcerated in Gabode. After accepting the construction of the port and the road Tadjourah-Ethiopia, because Meles Zenaoui had put all his weight in the balance, the head of state has braked this project with four irons including sabotage.

It is in this context that one should understand the irresponsible actions of an army special unit (the one which destroyed staple food transported by the 22 dromedaries in Bissidiro) which burned, on the night of June 4, two bulldozers under a strategy aimed at stopping or slowing down this project and prevent the opening of this abandoned region.

FRUD categorically condemns this act of destruction ordered by the authorities.

Brussels June 6 2018

                                                 MOHAMED KADAMY

                                                         President du FRUD